Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Song For Your Thoughts

That Moment

You ever have one of those moments? When it hits, you'll know what I mean. Maybe you just watched a movie that spoke to you. Or listened to a song. Or maybe a friend - the kind that you don't even call a friend because to call them "just a friend" would short them - tells you. And then it hits. The realization of what you're doing, or not doing. Maybe you go back to your computer screen. Maybe you find another movie. But something inside of you reaches in and creates a wound. And maybe you're grounded. Maybe you believe, as I do, that among a planet of over 7 billion people, there's nothing special about you. There's nothing special about me. But there is something unique. My life, my experiences, are a tapestry that you have not had. And vice versa. Maybe you're content. Maybe you're not. Maybe you're a tortured artist. Maybe you're an athlete. Maybe you don't like your job, hell, maybe you do. But it's there. That feeling. And what you do with it is ultimately up to you, and you alone. I know what I've done with it. Twenty five years of futility and angst. I'm a nobody, but I'm my nobody, and maybe once I truly accept that, I'll understand. This place is boring. It's cold and lonely. So I'll move on. And maybe things will change, maybe they won't. I'm not Will Hunting. I'm not off to see about a girl. First things first, I have to see about myself.

I hope you do too.