Monday, August 24, 2015

Never Learned Skills

It is, sadly, readily apparent that the present author lacks the requisite skills that one might expect a 26 year old resident of the third planet of the sun to have with regards to socializing. Specifically, one finds that the present author has no skills when it comes to texting and emailing etiquette, how frequently to do so, and in what form, formats, or tone to do so. Indeed, while texting and emailing in a social, non-business context is generally formulated over time in junior high, high school, and college, the complete and total lack of having contributed to such communication renders the present author inept when using it. To wit, entering into a potentially new relationship in which the early tendrils of socialization are done via text is a source of anxiety for the present author, as every text becomes a moment of self-doubt, questioning, and trepidation. "Is this text too long?" or "Is this too soon a reply?" or "Have too few text been sent? Too many? Too few questions? Too many?" That this is something the present author must stumble into at age 26, rather than, say, age 12, is both a painful reminder of social ineptness and isolation, and chance to reflect on a lack of social aptitude with the sort of painful self-deprecation that is easy to call home.

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