Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Understanding Failure

One wonders - as one perpetually travels forward through time - when one is most apt; by way of repeated failures, to give up on their dreams. For instance, the dream of a 40 year old to play in the NBA is, entirely, a dead dream, for if they haven't made it into the most competitive league of basketball in the world by then, they assuredly never will. To give up on that dream, then, may be considered a certain separation that is, ultimately, good for the 40 year old, as it allows them the cynical precocity of moving on in life. One can foresee a world in which many of the 40 year old's family and friends are glad for the fully-formed adult in relinquishing hold of a dream of miniscule propensity.

So, to return to the question at hand, one wonders when this removal of delusion is most important for one. It is unquestionably assured that the vast mass of human lives will never have their dreams come true; even with the concurrent onslaught of sucralose infested media that ascribes a certain naivety towards one's dream - that we should never give up, that it is never too late - that goes in direct contradiction to the understanding from others of the aforementioned 40 year old. But, as many are aware, there are things that will never come true, and there are certain times when pulling oneself back is the best option. The time in which to do this, then, is the difficulty of the equation, for to continue a life of failed pursuit for years and decades is surely as frustrating, if not more so, as having the cowardice to simply say "no" in the first place.

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