Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Cycle

The present author is under no pretext that the author's current home is the one in wish said author wishes to reside. Given that the present author has demonstrated, at various times, a desire to reside in both a larger metropolitan area, and a warmer one, it has been suggested by both the author and numerous others that a move to the southern US, southwestern US, or a more equatorial country (for a grander change) would be good for the present author's livelihood. Alas, given that moving often requires a large sum of money, and emigrating often requires a 4 year degree, said move is subject to a vicious cycle - that is, the present author can not attain a degree that would allow for the accumulation of more money vis-à-vis a better job, on account of limited funds - nor can the present author get a better job that would allow for greater income, on account of the lack of a degree.

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