Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Avoiding Resolution

The Gregorian Calendar states that, just a few days ago, we switched from the year 2016 AD to 2017 AD. Given the assigned significance of this event by much of this world, many people use this period of time to assign themselves goals for the coming year (2017) under the label of New Year's Resolutions. Because studies have shows that the vast, vast majority of people fall short of meeting these resolutions, the current author would like to present a cure. When asked if one has any New Year's Resolutions in early January, it might be pertinent to suggest that this year, one is celebrating Chinese New Years, and thus has well over a month before the year changes and any resolutions must be made, thus freeing one from the burden of creating unachievable goals.

Of course, one must, then, once Chinese New years comes around, simply point out that one does not celebrate it, and instead falls in line with much of the world's acceptance of the Gregorian Calendar. By constantly moving the goalposts as such, and, ideally, avoiding the uncomfortable possibility of someone remembering your previous commitments to a certain holiday, one can free themselves from ever having to set a goal that can not be achieved, thus preventing at least one source of disappointment, in an existence that is already full of them.

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