Tuesday, February 7, 2017


You could go to the concert alone and it'd be awkward but you see the girl there by herself and realize you aren't the only one and then your favourite bands come on stage and you are singing and they are singing and everything is good and the drive home at night was melancholy and beauty all wrapped up in one. You could go to the movie alone and get waited on alone and feel awkward until you see the girl in your row who is also alone and then you realize you're not the only one and then get swept away by the big screen and the soundtrack and the poignancy of a beautiful script. You could eat alone and be the only one who does so but the Cuba Libre is good and the food is good and maybe it's weird but you won't see these people again really, so why the anxiety, learn to do things alone and you are not dictated by someone else's schedule, their needs, their bathroom breaks or reluctance to split the bill, not to say that company isn't nice once in awhile but if the movie or the band is good then why compound your denial of social proliferation with denial of aesthetic pleasure? At least get one out of two and call it a day.

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