Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can't Fix Tired

One finds that, as one reaches their teens, one exists in a continual state of drowsiness and a generally tired persuasion. Alas, the routes most apt to, theoretically, fix said drowsiness, only hasten the onset of fatigue. To wit; there is, seemingly, no accurate amount of time one can sleep that alleviates the drowsiness.

For example, while one may find that 7 hours is too little time to sleep, thus leaving one dissatisfied and drowsy come morning, one also finds that 8 hours is, indeed, too much, and causes a similar output. No amount of fiddling with the numbers seems to create a scenario in which the proper amount of time to sleep is accrued.

The end result is, of course, some 60-odd years of existence perpetually tired, yawning, heavy-eyed, wondering how, exactly, and if, exactly, it will ever go away. The answer, of course, is one that treads heavily into the reality of the finite nature of existence, that of which is too dark for such a light-hearted yet wholly without purpose post, to contemplate.

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