Thursday, June 8, 2017


A common saying to suggest one's inability to live up to the previous established standards of their parents is "the apple has fallen far from the tree." However, this would suggest, if taken literally, a certain ability to rectify the situation. After all, while the apple may have fallen, there's nothing to suggest it could not be carefully washed and then consumed, at which point, given an apple's relative tastiness, one may be inclined to suggest that, while the extra work required to salvage said apple took time and effort, the end result was still, ultimately, satisfying.

Also given that the present author could very easily be described by other's as said apple, and that such description would, however, be wholly inaccurate - as it suggests the present author's situation in life could be redeemed - it would appear a newer, more gravely despair inducing version of the saying is needed. Such as "the apple fell far from the tree, and onto the busy street nearby, where it was promptly run over by a truck, and smashed to bits." That would, in the present author's case, seem to be more accurate.

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