Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello and Welcome

I'm too lazy to use Wordpress to do a blog, so I'm sticking with Blogger for now. As for the title, "Ramblings Part 2," I had a blog named "Ramblings" a few years back while in college.

You may be asking what this blog is, to which I will reply that this blog is anything. Video games, movies, music, random thoughts, politics, pretty much anything goes here. Having said that, there are some goals I have in mind:

1) Beat and review all of my...300? 350? 375? Somewhere in there, video/computer games.
2) Review every movie/anime I see starting today.
3) Post interesting shit.

I can't promise any of those, at all. For all I know, this blog will last a couple weeks; I'm a pretty lazy guy. Still, when Twitter's short character limit gets in my way I always feel like I am missing out on writing more. So here. I don't think you'll enjoy, but whatever.

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