Sunday, February 21, 2010

More on Reviews

So, as many of you who know my reviews on NooBTooB know, I tend to write fairly lengthy reviews. I will generally be relaxing this requirement a little bit, particularly for older games. For instance, I brought out the very first Warcraft game the other day and fired it up to beat it. It is, by today's standards, and incredibly dumbed down and primitive RTS. I won't be writing a long-assed review on this. On the other hand, something like Diablo has enough content to justify a longer review perhaps.

I must also say that I will be playing new games as they come out. There are a lot of games I have on preorder, and those will come before my older games for the period when they are brand new. These include games like Command & Conquer 4, the new Prince of Persia, Splinter cell: Conviction, StarCraft 2, and others. Oh yeah, and Final Fantasy XIII, which I am more psyched for than a sunset on the beach.

Just thought I'd let anyone how happens to read this know. Also, I am currently playing Warcraft, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, so those will probably be my first reviews.

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