Friday, June 5, 2015


Cards are weird, really. An entire industry dedicated to overpriced paper that says something that we are... what? Too lazy to write out? Too unmotivated? The words are mass produced and we buy them and give them to one another and pretend they mean something. Or maybe it's just that we're all bad at jokes and some cards are moderately funny. What do I know? I just bought two in the last week. I'll write little notes in them, but the whole process takes 5 minutes to buy and edit. Not a lot of time dedicated to something that is supposed to express our love and affection for someone. Yet people will gather in droves to buy them over and over again, hand them over, and say "hah! I do care. let me show you with this card that there exists 1 million copies of and which says something generic." Maybe, for a project, we should all write our own cards, and say something we really mean, not what some marketing guru at Hallmark does.

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