Tuesday, June 2, 2015

On Discomfort

It has occurred to the author of this post that a life of comfort is also, usually, a life of monotony. That is to say, to be completely comfortable in things usually reflects a lack of change, which, paradoxically, often causes a lack of comfort from ennui, frustration, and inhibited growth. The present author is staging a weekend of extreme discomfort by way of meeting people, for the first time, on both Saturday and Sunday, in a social setting no less, in order to attempt to remove some of the comfort and acquire greater value vis-à-vis human relationships and shared experiences. That this requires the author accrue a non-zero amount of anxiety is sadly true. That the worst that could happen is that the present author's position in life doesn't change - and all involved go their separate ways - while the best that could happen is valuable lifelong friendships, is something that should serve to diminish the anxiety, but will likely give way to stomach acid given time. If you would like to wish the author luck in their social endeavors, please feel free to offer any encouragement, as it will not be totally lost amidst a sea of the author's ineptitude.

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