Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Making Money Matter

Dear reader, it has come to the present author's attention, not for the first time, that this author's dream of living in a large city whose metropolis engages and changes on a second-to-second basis, is a relative impossibility given the current author's resources. Lacking any sort of college degree, a resume that contains more than fast food and administrative experience, and any marketable skills, the present author can simply not afford the starting, bare minimum rents of 700-800 that occupy cities like Miami, New Orleans, and Chicago. Given that the present author also expects that new employment will come with a pay cut, these numbers become even harder to play with. To wit, there still remains some hope that perhaps several people could be wrangled into splitting some 3 bedroom apparatus in which the rent is 1200-1400 a year, allowing it to be split in thirds and made more manageable, but that also creates an incredibly precarious situation if one or both other residents were to move out. It also, even when divided in thirds, represents a significant rise in housing costs from where the present author is now.

That the dream of living in a big city, much like the dream of being a writer, is entirely a false hope and impossibility, is not lost on the present author. That this is all together depressing seems merely a fact of life.

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