Monday, October 19, 2015

On Decline

It occurs to the present author, as post activity and view activity declines, and brainstorming has resulted in no new ideas for this hereto blog, that, like all endeavors undertaken by both the present author and most humans, this too shall end in failure. That a modest attempt at regular internet content, in the form of vapid and self-aggrandizing posts, managed to last a half a year, to this point in time, can be seen as a small pyrrhic victory against the unending onslaught of procrastination, laziness, and writer's block.

If any of the non-existent readers of this blog have enjoyed the self-deprecation, horrible use of multiple textual voices, and totally unrelatable posts, then I would like to propose that you examine your health and value systems.

This is not to say that this blog is closing - far from it - and the present author would like to continue semi-regularly to it, but as the months have gone on, it becomes clearer and clearer that regular content is harder and harder to come by. Perhaps some spark of creativity lies just beyond reach, waiting to ignite a storm of posts.

Or perhaps that's just the electromagnetic shock from the car door on the way in to work.

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