Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The State

If one were to subject oneself to American politics on a regular basis, one might be aware of the reality in which a number of American citizens (or snake people, until further notice) are running to hold the single most powerful position of political leadership in the world. They have been running (not actually running, mind you) for over a year, and in 90 days, the result of said running will crystalize.

One must, however, have a sort of individual hope brought forth by said political sweepstakes. To wit, the current candidates are so utterly ineffectual and hopeless at possessing a modicum of humanity and empathy, that the only conclusion one can make is that, if such uselessness can elevate oneself to president, all of us must be able, even in our abject failure, at least be able to elevate ourselves to some position of prominence and regard, even if it falls short of being president. In this way, the campaign is rather inspiring, a surefire way to demonstrate that even in failure, with a little sociopathic narcissism, one can accomplish great (or terrible) things.

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