Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Normal State

One finds that, humans, as a whole, are apt to have anxiety over upcoming events of varying significance. For instance, one might have anxiety over a job interview, or a wedding, or going out in public, or whether they will die young, or whether their blog is actually worth reading. Alas, such anxiety can render gastrointestinal tracts harmful, and create an entire host of sickly physical responses.

One way, then, to combat having anxiety over specific events, large in scale or not, would be to simply have one's default state as having anxiety all the time. This assures one that they will not have to deal with a sudden influx of anxiety at certain, important times, but instead conditions them to accept anxiety, and all its baggage, as part of the menagerie of life experiences, with the possible result of becoming used to anxiety and simply having it as part of day-to-day existence.

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