Monday, December 5, 2016


If one accepts - correctly, the present author might add -  that the pursuit of one's dreams is the largest expenditure of wasted energy one can fulfill, one may be inclined to ask, then, what pursuit is not, entirely, a waste of one's energy. Given, however, that all pursuits, large or small, end in folly; and all lives, large or small, end in death, one might be presupposed to conclude that there is no such expenditure of energy or effort that is not wholly wasted. Of course, given the then relative equality of futility, one may also argue that pursuing one's dream is no worse than spending one's time and effort at assumedly less depressing goals. Given, however, the unique characteristics of continuing to fail in achieving one's dreams, spending energy to achieve and attempt nothing is, if nothing else, psychologically less damaging than spending energy to achieve nothing while attempting everything.

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