Monday, December 19, 2016

To Be a Writer

It's been accurately surmised that writing, when compared to other creative endeavors, has the lowest barrier to entry. To wit, one can attempt to write something given such simple luxuries as pencil and paper, or access to a computer, while something such as, say, painting, requires a canvas and paint set, or access to digital software. Because of this, at various given times in one's life, one usually attempts to write something. Given that the definition of being a writer is fluid, and different people have different standards for what makes one a writer, the present author would like to present the most conclusive and objective definition of writing. Also given that almost everyone writes something each and every day, but given that almost everyone achieves failure each and ever day, the current author proposes that nobody is actually a writer, but instead is merely a vessel through which delusions of grandeur flow, oftentimes in the form of the written word.

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