Monday, November 2, 2015

Clothe Me

Given that the present author grew up in a household in which the clothing of said author was pre-ordained by one parental unit, and that this meant that the author could never truly acquire and wear clothes that the author truly wanted, it goes without saying that, given independence, the author found an entirely new world opened up to them in terms of purchasing, and wearing, selected clothing. And while the job of the present author requires button down shirt, business khakis, and belts, and not, say, skinny jeans, or trendy t-shirts, the limited freedom that the weekend offers is something that should be taken full advantage of. Given, however, that the present author lives with his sister, and does not want to seem extreme in choices of clothing and jewelry, the end result of clothing choices is such that the author dresses still rather conservatively, not too unlike he did as a kid.

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