Tuesday, November 3, 2015


It's not hard to think - if one were predisposed to do so - that the world at this time of year - this time of year involving several holidays dedicated to the act of both A) eating junk food and B) spending money on consumer goods - is perversely against you. That for over two whole months, candy will be left out in dishes, adding calories to a daily count, tryptophan will be imbibed amidst endless carbs and saturated fat, and hard earned cash will be spent on things that, as already established by this hereto blog, do little to assuage the human condition of suffering. And yet, to go against these very events, holidays, gatherings, and their concurrent proliferation of consumer spending, is to be labeled an outcast, a cynic, a loner, or even worse. To wit, this seems to suggest that a world that goes against you; frothing with calories and unhealthy consumption, both literally and metaphorically, is the preferred order that has been established by the multitude of collectivism that we call society. That this renders these times appreciably destitute is merely another facet of the human condition.

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