Friday, November 6, 2015

The Futility of Attempting

It's been said that one must at least try to accomplish their dreams and goals, for if one does not even attempt to achieve them, then how can one complain about not accomplishing them? But given the futility of results that come about when one pursues their dreams, and the massive energy one must expel in order to, ultimately, come up short, one has to wonder if the utilitarian response is simply to never attempt to achieve one's dreams, and instead attempt some sort of apathetic mediocrity. Not only does this preserve energy that could be used in the pursuit of leisure time, it also prevents one from pouring their heart and soul into a fruitless pursuit. That this very author of this very blog is pouring copious amounts of time into a novel goes against this very post. That said novel will never be published, read, or edited by anyone else, however, supports the fundamental thesis of the futility of attempting to pursue one's dreams.

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