Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Feel-Good Feel-Bad

I wasn't going to make a blog post today, was fresh out of ideas. Done a lot of reading lately, try to get neurons firing, try to get some short story ideas, some blog posts, something, but exhausted, and waiting to hear back and see all my other short stories and flash fiction getting rejected. Such is life.

Read another article about people retiring in their 30s who now travel the world all year round, ignores the fact the couple landed cushy jobs out of a well-to-do educational institution that they had scholarships for, if only everyone could get a full ride, graduate, and then land a well paying job, we'd all be retiring earlier, but for fucks sake, that's not how this world works, and I am tired of people trying to pass it off like it does. There's a whole cottage industry around this, sell your stuff, retire early, travel often. I've spoken to it before. Realism isn't necessarily where people live, I won't fault them for optimism, but not everyone is going to make 60k out of college, or whatever it is they do. Thank you TED, maybe if some of your talks had more substance to them and you didn't insinuate ADD was "made up," I'd take your pop-science more seriously, in the meantime, go back to the drawing board. Or rather, don't. I'd hate to see what holier-than-thou drawing they would come up with.

In the meantime, it's gray outside today.

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