Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On April Fools Day

I imagine, given the propensity of phoned in pranks that this "holiday" creates, that April Fools Day was probably more enjoyable before the advent of the internet, and perhaps even TV, when word of mouth wasn't quite so easily debunked and disproven, and sites like Wikipedia, Snopes, and other resources couldn't be used to attempt to instantly verify or debunk things. Swedish spaghetti farmers and the like could be bought into by those unawares because the world wasn't nearly as "small" as it is today.

Given how many technology sites are on board with Aprils Fools Day, too, it becomes entirely expected that a "prank" will be pulled, which totally negates the potential a prank might have. There is no ability to catch anyone unawares. At this point, the holiday is merely a collection of little website tweaks, fake product launches, and other things that I imagine some people laugh at and treasure as an offshoot of "nerd humour" but that most people just sort of sigh and move on about.

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