Monday, April 27, 2015

Idle Weekends

Idle weekends pass by glumly, of course. Fill the time with movies or music or games as best one can, but the slow despondence of time is inescapable. Idle time leads to idle thoughts of which none are good, think too much and things get negative, quickly, try to fill in the gaps with activity. More movies, more music. Maybe lay down and see if sleep is possible, the dreams are wild and ordinary at the same time, surreal events happening in a realistic past, if only they could seep over into the "real" world when awake. It's only been 14 minutes and the laundry isn't close to being done but it felt much longer, how many times can the same song play over and over and over documenting time as it goes by, back is sore because the laying and sitting renders it weak, a bit of outside activity helped but there's 48 hours of weekend and only an hour of mowing the lawn, such a small percentage. Sunday night comes with an air of displeasure at the approaching week, but weekdays and weekends are slowly blending together into a cacophony of displeasure, so what's the difference?

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