Monday, April 13, 2015

On the Paucity of Subjects

It was, for awhile, going so well. One post every weekday, sometimes even more, and some 29 posts in the month of March. Alas, I hit a wall last week sometimes, and realized that I had little to nothing that was jumping out at me to write about. Coincidentally, it hit at the same time I ran out of short story ideas, too, rendering my progress in writing as nearly nonexistent for several days in a row. I don't know of nay cure other than reading, movie watching (both for inspiration), and time, hoping that the old writing gears get fired up again. If not, well, I am happy with the results I made, and hopefully, even if it becomes slightly less consistent, I can keep up some manner of regular blogging and writing. Given how poor of quality it is, though, one wonders if I should bother.

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