Monday, July 13, 2015


It occurs to the present author, upon a recent re-reading of the well-reputed and historically significant novel Frankenstein (the 1818 version), that the Monster of that story is, in many ways, a relatable creature. To wit, the Monster in Frankenstein shares such characteristics with me as;

A) Rabid ugliness
B) Social ineptitude
C) Desire for human contact

The Monster was born into the world without consent (as we all are), and placed in it with a degree of physical characteristics that deemed him, according to society's standards at the time, horrendously hideous and unspeakably ugly, as am I.

That the monster is also 9 feet tall and inhumanly athletic, however, is not something which the present author is, much to the dismay of the childhood self of the author who wished to play in the NBA. That the Monster also murders several people is, again, something that the present author has never done and will never do.

That the Monster died of his own choosing, however, is something that parallels to will be revealed, in all likelihood, in time.

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