Monday, July 6, 2015

The Right Thing

It occurs to the present author, as many things do (albeit meaningless things), that little will be done individually to make the world a better place by said author. This realization has been substantiated before, years ago, but now, 26 years into a rather tepid existence, its reality is set in stone, ingrained into the functioning reality that is experienced on a day-to-day basis.

It also occurs to the author that the world most glaringly suffers from poor resource distribution. To wit; world hunger and thirst could be solved with a better and more efficient distribution of resources, such as food staples, clean water, and money, but currently, our system concentrates said goods in such a way that millions of people needlessly suffer from thirst and malnourishment. This is most assuredly a heavy critique of human society at large; that we can solve our problems, but have constructed our world in such a way as to not to.

It then, also, occurs to this author, that due to circumstances uncontrollable; in this case, one's birthplace, the present author consumes a non-inconsequentially large amount of planetary resources by way of being born and living in the US. These resources could, upon reflection, be better used and distributed if they were either; not being consumed by the present author, or were going to someone who has a greater chance of doing something meaningful with their existence, which would happen to be anyone.

Due to this conclusion, it stands to reason that the most noble and significant way that the present author could improve the planet and the people who inhabit it, would be to summarily terminate the author's existence in due fashion, preferably in a way that takes few resources. Given that the present author has already stated that nothing will be done to improve the world, this termination is unlikely to occur. Thusly, resources will continue to be wasted on the present author's existence.

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