Monday, February 8, 2016

Batting 1.000

If one were to say, or suggest, that a 100% efficacy is batting 1.000, even if said efficacy was towards a negative proclivity, then it can thusly be said that the present author has now been batting 1.000 for greater than two years. This can be aptly surmised because of the author's wild success in using dating sites to procure phone numbers of both men (for friendship) and women (for the auspices of friendship and/or dating, I suppose) only to have them stop responding to the present author's rudimentary forms of communication. Indeed, the present author's cell phone now has 11 - yes, 11 - numbers of people who eventually stopped responding to said author's textual un-eloquences after what seemed to be a relatively hazard free greeting period. This, given the overwhelming consistency and universality of said results, implies that the present author's ability to either bore, scare, or drive people away is unparalleled in the modern world, and reveals a 100% efficacy. To wit, the present author has not been able to find away to apply this remarkable consistency to a positive outlet or result, leading us to believe that the present author's incompetence is boundless.

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