Monday, February 1, 2016

Staring into the Void, Iowa Stared Back

It has been said that, to examine politics is to "examine the very stupidity that humanity claims it does not possess."

Now, you may hastily Google that quote, looking for a source, only to find that, it has not been said, or, owing to the fact that it has now been said on these pages, it has been said only by the present author and not some witty 18th century author, of which this author will never be confused with. But that is besides the point. The point, insomuch as there is one, is that politics, by its nature, is ugly, petty, and generally appealing to ignorance and arrogance. One might suggest these too are the qualities of blogging, but the present author would seek to refute that claim on the basis of no, that is simply not true.

Without diving into the nitty-gritty of what has been already a year long election campaign, it is definitively clear that politics, the establishment, is more about electing the wealthiest, most connected, and most conniving, and has always been clear, as a cursory examination of history displays. Now we have just thrown it on our television sets and LED screens 24/7.

The point of this blog post is merely to express a fatigue and general grievance over both the length of the election cycle, and the apt realization that America, as a country, is held together by people who are, in all manner of speaking, completely lacking in any understanding of politics and economics. "But wait," you might say, "you are casting yourself as a high and mighty prince, one who is above the rabble of the general populace, and of greater understanding and enlightenment." To which the present author might say, "no, I do not consider myself fortuitously enlightened or intelligent, indeed, I consider myself uniquely unintelligent and lacking in talent; I only consider the vast political mass that has gotten us to this point as, demonstrated as they have, irrefutably, incredibly, stupid."

So it has been said.

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