Sunday, July 17, 2016

And The Night Swallowed Us While Nobody Was Looking

It's 12:30 AM on a Sunday that some people think is still Saturday and someone is working their ass off at their own company even though the healthy thing would be to be in bed and having a good night's sleep.

A man kisses someone he loves in South Dakota.

Restaurants are still open on the west coast where a woman spills coffee on an expensive dress she picked up with some friends at a trendy shop in San Diego so she could impress tonight's date.

Someone drives their car through fields and holds their hand out the window and feels the warm summer air caress it as they see fireflies dance over the tall grass.

A club is just getting started for the night.

A man sweeps up trash after extra hours in Disney World and wonders why he is stuck working the graveyard shift.

In Tokyo a woman sits down for a late lunch. It is the last lunch she will ever eat.

A man kills another man with a gun.

A woman gives birth and decides her child is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Two young kids stay up way past their bedtime watching old Godzilla movies and making shadow puppets on the wall and are oblivious to the existential crisis that awaits them as they age.

The moon is high in the sky.

A plastic bag gets blown down our street but there is no American Beauty to eulogize its existence.

I crawl into bed and decide that today is worth nothing and tomorrow is the same.

The sun sets in Hawaii over the ocean and some friends decide to do the same thing again tomorrow night.

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