Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Fashion

I used to, as a teen, somewhat thumb my nose at those who seem preoccupied with what to wear. Granted, growing up in a strict household, all my clothing was picked out and approved by my parents - mostly my mother - in order to be professional/dressy enough and non-threatening. I was never afforded the opportunity to wear something "trendy" or "stylish." As I grew older, moved out, and found myself with the ability to purchase my own clothes, I started to realize the opportunity I now had in creating or fostering my own identity by way of the image I projected. Now, I can get clothes just because I think they "look cool" or are something I'd like to wear. The freedom, even as a mid 20-something, is rather exciting! I relish the opportunity to go out in public actually wearing what I want, wearing what I like, and projecting an image of my choosing. Doing so has really struck the final nail in the coffin for me in terms of school uniforms. Especially as teens, who are going through that tough period of life where they are expected to act like adults but aren't treated like them, I think being able to express yourself how you want in any ways possible is vitally important. I'm not suggesting that, if I had been able to wear what I wanted in high school, things would have gone differently, but considering how often my formal wear got me made fun of, if nothing else, wearing something I was more comfortable in would have been nice.

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