Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On the Art of Art

The present author suffers from a derelict number of talents - that is to say, the present author has none at all. But while the lack of a talent may display itself rather un-insidiously over the course of one's adult existence - depending on the area in which one lacks - it is much harder to cover up the lack of talent in school, where a variety of subjects are carefully negotiated by the young. However, in even more remarkable circumstances, the present author did not have a distinct lack of talent in some areas, but a distinct un-talent, if such a word may be imagined for the time being; that is to say, the present author was so incongruously bad at one thing in particular, that fellow classmates perhaps rather accurately anointed this author with the nickname "WWA" or "World's Worst Artist." Considering the abject inability that reared its head on multiple occasions; such as that, at times, in a showing of something between sympathy and pity, the art teacher of the present author often gave away her own work to said author when he could not aptly finish the assignment, this nickname truly was a spectacle of truth and accuracy. Concerning the still current author's inability to draw, fold, sketch, paint, mold, or anything else remotely resembling visual art, perhaps, one might presume, that these are areas that our fearless author would not pursue as a job or source of passion. To wit, the present author did not attempt to pursue visual arts. However, to the dismay of very few but unquestionably potentially many, the present author has instead decided to attempt to pursue writing as an outlet of creativity, another genre in which the un-talent is distinctly apparent.

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