Friday, May 15, 2015

The Sour Smell of Sewage Seeping

Been there, done that. Telecommunications company this time, directional drill blasted through the sewer line, before we knew it, legions of feces-filled water was flowing into the basement of the office, the smell seeping into our pores and strangling our nose, the smell was not something you adjusted to, it hits you when you walk in and sticks around. The floor is ruined, baseboard ruined, desk and chairs sat in the water, everything sanitized for now but will be ripped up later, the blaring white noise of fans to dry everything out drones out the sound of the phone ringing, now the smell of sewage mixes with the smell of cleaner, it's an assault, it's nauseating, the open windows laugh at the futility of trying to bring in fresh air, there is no fresh air here, nothing but the smell of waste and chemicals. Scared away co-workers who will not come in and deal with the sensory assault, I don't blame them, I sit here gallantly trying to feign apathy towards the stench. Good thing it is Friday.

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