Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Longest River

... is denial. Bad puns make good music, thanks Olivia Chaney. Someone called me very handsome the other day, had to be an exaggeration, clearly, nothing handsome about me, just a stick figure ambling along in a lanky frame with glasses and hair that never co-operates, they used to call me Harry Potter in school and it wasn't a compliment, they meant the book version, not the makeup trodden Daniel Radcliffe of the movies. Of course she also said - the girl who called me handsome - that she likes guys in glasses, so what do I know; not much, really, 26 and still learning, aren't we all, but I try to rationalize it, can't, there's nothing about me that's handsome, I can barely make it through the day without an existential crisis, that's not physical but mental but what the hell's the difference, I'm not going to win the heart of a look-lover or a sapiosexual, in the meantime, have a nice day, don't spend too much time in the river.

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