Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On the Concert

It was fun, of course, occupying this weird twilight-zone of young-adult-hipster-alt-Detroit that doesn't feel at all at home here in the Midwest, there were people eating outside everywhere and walking outside and all kinds of things. It stood in starch racial and class conflict to the surrounding metropolis, white flight apparently was comfortable settling down here in Ferndale, if you followed the street though it would run right into downtown Detroit.

Anyways, as to the concert, charming bar, small, about 100 people there, some pool tables, a stage, two warmup bands and then Lady Lamb, who was great, she believes in Detroit, hates how one of her favourite places to play, also in Ferndale, was turned into an EDM club, sings really well live, has two guitars and a banjo. Signed the vinyl I purchased even though I don't care about vinyl nor do I own a record player, it seemed like a cool opportunity to get her autograph. Stumbled into the bar at 8, stumbled out at 1, that's a long time to be standing soaked to the bone from rain, but it was worth it.

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