Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On Work

It is true that Shakespeare wrote little to nothing about being bored at work. It is also true that, while Shakespeare did not write about it, the present author's current state of employment is A) rewarding insomuch as it is a job the author has, that pays, and that is relatively easy, B) full of co-workers that run against the author's present values, and finally, C) immensely dull. Given also that the present author wishes to travel, and is afforded 2 weeks of paid vacation, and has developed a rapport on account of never taking sick days, value judgments regarding the place of employment are variously conflicting. One finds that the state of the environment at work is both maddening and frustrating, and that the dullness is at times angst-inducing, but considering how the present author, as stated in previous posts, suffers from a lack of skills and talent, perhaps such ease of employment is the best for all involved.

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