Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Rule of Creation

It seems to the present author that creating, whether it be writing, painting, filming, or any other creative venture, comes with a strict set of never broken rules or characteristics, perhaps made most notable by the creator's quick resignation to self-hatred of whatever has been created. For example, given an amount of time greater or equal to a month in which a piece has been completed, the creator will undoubtedly begin to hate every single iota of the created piece; eventually, given a long enough time, they will grow to detest every bit of it, until the piece becomes an example of everything not to do. This, of course, makes it hard to publish or make public a work, because undoubtedly it will come to reflect values you no longer hold, styles you no longer copy, and talent you no longer have (but never had in the first place). This creates the uncomfortable position of having to distance yourself from that which you created. Given that this is the internet age, that is even harder now than it once was.

It can be correctly assumed, then, that the present author will indeed hate this blog at some point, at which time will likely occur a permanent cessation of all posts, due to not wanting to pollute the world with any more poorly elucidated thoughts.

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