Monday, May 18, 2015

Sex Sells, But Who's Buying?

Provocative thread titled; Is it all about sex? People collect things to keep up with neighbors, accrue stuff, pursue pleasure, but what's the route in which the pleasure is ordained? Thinkpieces on one night stands in hotels and hostels on far away excursions, fancy cars and fancy houses, what are they for? Want to feel important to someone, want to feel needed, right? But what does a blue-tinted BMW convertible say about needs and wants, maybe the drive just wants to get laid, maybe they like the speed, who knows, base behavioral patterns are hard to intersperse amidst the glitz and glimmer of modern capitalism. Advertisements tap into sex appeal relentlessly, bodies coated with photoshopped skin move gracefully, remove clothing, shed nuance. Hey, remember when your parents told you to get the good degree, from the good college, to get the good job, to get the good house? For what though? To raise a family in, right? Pass on the genes. Here we are at age 8 being programmed by both baser instincts and parental guidance, then the teens go to college and sign up for community work to get laid, so I'm told, meet other people in your age group while also helping, cynical view really, not everyone is the same. People speak loudly in public to be heard, for what purpose, to sound cool? To attract a mate? People play their music loud for what purpose? To look cool? To attract a mate? We make lists of our favourite things looking for assurances and commendable "your taste is my taste" notions then flutter away a month later when we realize nobody cares, I'm rambling, maybe everyone just wants someone who cares, or maybe everyone just wants to fuck.

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