Monday, March 30, 2015


Chase the pills down with water. Chase the liquor down... actually don't, it's better to just drink the liquor straight, who needs a chaser anyways? Chase the feelings away with sleep. Chase the boredom away with music. Chase the aimlessness away with travel. Chase the money away with meaningless purchases. Chase the loneliness away with dopamine. Chase the teacher away with honesty. Chase the classmates away with dullness. Chase your parents away with aloofness. Chase your roommate away with quietness. Chase time away with laziness. Chase confidence away with repeated failure. Chase your solitude away with video games. Chase the questions your mother asks about life and relationships away with silence. Chase your doctor away with lies. Chase your doctor back with truths. Chase your co-workers away with rolled eyes. Chase it all away because the chase is more fun, you think, and you don't want to deal with it all, anyways.

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