Friday, March 13, 2015

Salad and Oatmeal

Salad's the same over and over. Lettuce is thin and crisp, green, bland, always has been. Tastes like a vegetable mated with water, dressed itself in some sort of texture designed to require just enough chewing to be solid but too little to be of substance. You can dress it up with cheese or croutons or dressing but then the caloric intake sort of defeats the purpose. So it's lettuce. Cheese. Chicken. That's it. Some fat free, low-cal dressing. Feels like something a Replicator would spit out after awhile, or some sort of food construct ejaculated out of a cyberpunk future in which we inject mush into our system for nutrients.

Oatmeal is the same but even more dystopian. It's slop. It can be thin and runny or thick and slow. Always the same colour. Dress it up with fruit or nuts, beware of sugar and milk, though, it's like the croutons and cheese. Eat it for breakfast, start the day with oatmeal and a coffee and you never have to chew a goddamn thing. Why use your teeth in this dystopia anyways, we can be better than that. Sometimes, the nuts are soft and chewy too, and it all just blends together. Sometimes you're lucky and the fruit is sweet and tastes like something that existed as a real plant part at some point, jacks up the flavor quotient so that you're not just sort of staring into the abyss. If you pour in enough milk it becomes bland and runny and looks like it's just curdled dairy product, tastes better in that at least it has no taste, this is the future, food is tasteless and formless, do it to chase an ideal body, do it to chase away the little bumps of flesh that line yourself in ways that embarrass you when you're shirtless, not that anyone would ever see you shirtless.

Used to love the two, still convince myself I do when I eat a really good batch of oatmeal that has just the right amount of water and sweetness, but the difference between having them occasionally and having them all the time is enough to drive the fatigue up, make you tired, even though you rarely use your teeth.

Salad for lunch today. Oatmeal for breakfast. For dinner, I can only imagine.

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