Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Tired in the mornings too often, have been battling it for years, annoying side-effect of some of the medicine I take, 4 different kinds, all can cause drowsiness and fatigue. Some days are better than others. Yesterday, wasn't tired at all; today, I'm really drowsy and my eyes are darting in and out of focus. Chow down on coffee even though caffeine has never affected me and seemingly never will, load up on sugar from sweet granola bars and treats, keep my mind active, get up and walk every so often. Office is quiet, just the slow droning of the furnace punctuated by an occasional phone call, the chatty lady is here again but even she seems resigned to her desk for now, which is good, she likes to hear herself talk all the time and nobody else.

Make it to lunch and I should be ok, watch the time slowly tick by, focus, keep jittering, akathisia at least comes with the perk of always wanting to be moving, and it's harder to fall asleep when you're moving, at least that's been my experience. I've always had trouble falling asleep in moving vehicles.

Try to find something intellectually stimulating, maybe if I can keep my brain active I can, well, keep it active, but this job is as stimulating as watching paint dry, at least then you might be watching pretty colours.

Tired this morning, my body longs for bed and I just long for alertness.

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