Friday, March 6, 2015

The Cold Cruelty of Winter

Slip getting out of car, yell "shit," drop keys, land on hand, scrapes from ice, get up, time to go. Snow has sheen like someone covered it in clear nail polish, firm crisp sound when you step on it, loud, loud, loud, wake up the neighbors, but you just want to make it to the car safely this time.

Breath coalesces in front of you, but its formless, shapeless existence doesn't leave you an appreciation of anything other than the warm interior, get the heat going, get the ice off, get your hands moving again, feel the blood flow, not literally, of course, you don't actually feel your blood inside you, engine creaks and whimpers to a start, protests the fact that it had to sleep overnight in sub-zero temperatures.

Daggers hang from gutters as gravity teases them towards the ground, water drip, drip, drip when the sun manages to cast light upon them, hear it outside the window, it's a good sign but the last thing you want is for them to fall on you when you step out the door, jump and try to knock them down, but be careful about landing on ice.

Sunlight has extended its stay, it now waits around for you to finish dinner, letting you know this too shall pass soon. You get a t-shirt out of your drawer in anticipation.

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