Monday, March 16, 2015

Make You Sick

Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. Haunting your stomach and rendering appetites meaningless, shake around, rock back and forth, lose sleep. Stomach is in knots and you make trips to the bathroom frequently while at work while hoping nobody notices. Worse is when shortness of breath, sweat, or panic sets in, then it's a lose cause, find a bathroom to sit in and just lean up against the wall and take deep breaths. Anxiety. Renders enjoyment lackluster, you spend so much time thinking about what's upcoming that you can't focus on something you're doing now you enjoy. Remind yourself that it's never as bad as you think, but you're mind is stubborn and this is what you've known.

It's the job, this week, events will be unfolding that is a referendum on you, and you've never been good at this, let's be honest. It was to start today, but it was delayed until tomorrow, so spend another night with anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, and look forward to Tuesday like you looked forward to today. Make sure you have water to wash the fix down with.

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