Friday, March 27, 2015

Six Word Stories

I've always been a fan of short writings, short stories, and, perhaps most basically, six word stories. Ernest Hemingway's "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn," is a classic. I figured that, foolish as it is, I would try my hand at my own.

Call from the future. They're drowning?

Mom, Sam crashed the drone again!

iPod. iPad. iPhone. iTunes. I broke.

Dreamers are elsewhere. Better than here.

Time flows like a river... Dam.

Location, location, location... where are we?

Woke up. Rolled over. Slept more.

Stare at screen, eyes don't blink.

We said "hi;" 0s and 1s.

I knew her years without meeting.

Garage sale? Where is the garage?

Vintage footage of Great Barrier Reef.

Life is such a clique fest.

Love bites. She's a vampire. Figures.

And... action! CUT! No, no, no!

She broke the ice. He fell.

Deadline day?! But I just started!

I am your father. Oops, spoilers!

Over the river. Lost in woods.


Fresh new batch of caffeine injectors!

American president declares War on Wars.

Hit it. Twist it. Bop it.

She whipped me. I liked it.

Followed the directions. Still blew up.

What a dinosaur, he still drives!

Bored. Refreshed again. Still no change.

Don't leave! Think about friend count!

Wait, we're finished already? So fast!

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