Friday, March 20, 2015

Showers in the Hospital

Never forget. Not sure how to feel, really. Years ago, I found myself in a hospital, medium-risk patient, had to have someone in the bathroom with me while I showered, just incase I did something radical or dangerous. Bathroom shaped like a U, with the shower in the top left corner, a wall running down the middle, and the sink and toilet in the top right corner. Grimy place, tile floors, several light bulbs in the ceiling. Taking a shower one evening, usual guy is there, he's sitting in a chair on the other side of the wall, back to me, I'm rinsing off, still find the whole ordeal awkward but what can I do? Suddenly, the room gets darker. Don't chalk it up to much at first, figure maybe a light bulb has burnt out, the usual. Continue to rinse my hair. Turn around to wash off my back, see the staff member who is supposed to be sitting on the other side of the wall instead staring at me, it got darker because he was blocking the light, he darts out of sight so fast I swear he was a blur.

Didn't take a shower when he was around again. He was twice my size and taller than me. Intimidating. Some nights, I just washed off in my bedroom and bathroom with the sink as best I could. Wonder if he's spied on other vulnerable young men. Wonder if I should have said something. Wonder if it would have mattered.

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