Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life Goals

Considering my aforementioned failings as a human being, that is, my failings in regards to accomplishments, success, networking, schooling, underwater basket-weaving, homemade alfredo sauce, and other assorted futilities, my life goals have drastically changed over the course of my tepid existence. Whereas, during my days of early elementary school, I dared to dream of things like "making video games" or "playing basketball," and even in high school, fashioned my future as one in which perhaps I was a journalist or author, reality has, alas, sapped me of continuing such delusions-of-grandeur (which, I might add, they always were, even if I failed to see it at the time). With that in mind, my current goals in life - which are substantiated almost entirely by the result of me being born into a middle-class, white, American household, with generous and supportive parents, and not at all the result of anything worthwhile of mention that I did - are simply to

1) Accumulate as much money as I can
2) Give it to a charity, upon my timely death, whose goal and pursuit of said goal is that of a particularly redeemable quality

It is with that in mind that I perhaps give myself the greatest chance of imparting any sort of positive significance on this world, perhaps not coincidentally, upon my departure from said world.

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