Thursday, March 19, 2015

On my Experience with Kratom

I remember receiving the bag in the mail much faster than I expected it. I had never done any kind of drug other than what you get at Walgreens or what you get at a bar. Inside the small white post box was a bag about 1-2 inches wide and 1-2 inches long containing a very fine grass green powder. Grass green in colour, and in smell.

Probably the trickiest part of the whole experience was deciding how to ingest it. I had a capsule machine, a pill maker that could make about 60 at once. I decided on a dose of kratom on the lower end of the recommended scales I found, and made some 20-25 pills full of the stuff. Swallowing them was annoying. I have no problem with swallowing pills, I've been taking some pill for the last 12 years of my life, which is just shy of half of it, but once you get to about pill 15-20, the constant swallowing of the pills and the water to wash it down gets a bit tiring. I went through one a half bottles of water just to help get them all down.

I had an idea of how long it would take, but after about 45-50 minutes without a scant feeling of change, I had all but given up. Maybe it just doesn't do much to me, like caffeine, or the fact that I don't get side effects from non-prescription drugs, like, ever.

But it was only a few minutes later when the drugs hit. It's hard to explain. There was a warm fuzziness to my brain, and I felt overwhelmingly content with things. Not euphoric, just content. The world, and all the people who inhabited it, seemed flawlessly wonderful. I sent a friend several emails about how lovely this planet is. The warm fuzzy and tingly sensation was soothing and comforting, almost like ASMR or something, but noticeably more potent. I had on some of my favourite music and greatly enjoyed it.

The high didn't last too terribly long, maybe about 30-45 minutes before it had all but warn out. I don't recall any aftereffects - no drowsiness, headaches, or anything else.

The biggest problem is that, since then, I've taken kratom probably about 4 times over the last couple years, and I've never managed that same result. I had one time where I felt moderately calm and happy, but that first high was undoubtedly the best and most pleasant.

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