Thursday, March 12, 2015


Spring comes with unbearable reward, bursting at the seams with pleasantries and manners, bending over backwards to please, rattles out cobwebs and dust. The air feels lighter. I'll be back to my walks again, walks where I try to portray an air of confidence and assuredness while also avoiding eye contact, wouldn't want anyone to say "hi" or nod or something, that'd be weird, just want to walk campus and here the snippets of conversation that float from young adult lips and swirls around in a ménage of rumours and "she did whats?!" and "did you do ok on the test?" They have to placate the stress of $30k in student debt somehow, might as well do it with sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

I've meandered from the path now, walking, or maybe talking, through spring, but the white and grey palette of winter is finally degrading, and I'm left with a sense of temporary enjoyment. Sunlight is allowed back into the world once more. There's a spring in my step, perhaps, don't push at puns too firmly, they might knock you out. I'll walk again, I'll see you there.

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